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Payment Gateways Integration

Payment gateway is fundamentally a service which is utilized to process credit transactions at whatever point you acknowledge online requests from your clients. Linkers do payment gateway integration with shopping cart keeping in mind the end goal to empower clients to effectively process credit cards on the websites. Our programmers can give you bug free integration with almost all popular payment gateways.

SMS Gateways Integration

SMS is the perfect correspondence channel to keep individuals informed and updated, and also making a real time system of important data. SMS Gateway furnishes a solid and secure business SMS services permitting portable workforces to be mixed into methodology computerization, augmenting proficiency in operations, lessening expenses and furnishing new communications channel. Linkers offers full-fledged, reliable and secure SMS gateway technique. All you need to do is to give us a chance to recognize what sort of services you are utilizing and rest is our work.

Barcoding System

Barcoding software is for anyone who needs to print standardized barcodes. Printing barcodes is more than simply downloading a font or duplicating & pasting — it is more beautiful than that. Provided that you have to print continuous barcodes (001, 002, 003, and so on.), require a particular design, or require it to print it in an exceptional configuration then barcoding software is the thing that you need.

Inventory management

Inventory control made simple! Linkers Inventory Tracking is inventory control software intended to help you control stock levels and thing developments in your warehouse, conveyance focus, stock room or store. Need to streamline your stock following and physical stock process? Need to track serial number, part number, or close dates? Linkers can offer assistance.

Database Management

Linkers group offers database design and management services to help your business develop and to make new efficiencies in your day by day operations. From custom database plan to adaptable designing, we have the skill to convey secure information management solutions for your organization or association. Contact Linkers client services team with your inquiries, we will analyses your requirements and will share about our database plan, database services and custom designing services solutions beneficial to you. We are more than joyful to listen and help!

Cash Handling System

Linkers Infotech is a complete solutions provider for innovative cash handling systems. We are Linkers order hardware import, test and integrate with payment collection software and create a reliable cash handling system.

Attendance and Payroll system

Attendance and Payroll system is mainly used at organizations to track representative times, members at a club, students at a school, and recreational occasions with tickets/badges. It's remarkably advantageous to use the productivity of a barcode framework by making your representatives or clients more satisfied by having them move to their end in a proficient manner.

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